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Meet  the Parents

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Luna + Sampson

Standard F1B Bernedoodles

These sweet F1B Standard Bernedoodles are tricolor and phantom. Parents are all completely health tested. Each puppy comes with parentage certificates by Paw Prints. They have all went home to their forever families and their stories keep us inspired!



Home with Furever Family

Bullseye is now called Millie, and she lives in Arizona with her large family! We love that this family has a heart for foster children that would really appreciate and love this puppy. 



Home with Furever Family

Starburst, who is now called Gabby, lives in Virginia with her 11 year-old bulldog sister. She enjoys helping at her mom's autistic clinic for children.


Laffy Taffy

Home with Furever Family

Laffy Taffy, who is now known as Oakley, currently lives in Mayfield, KY and constantly loves getting her belly rubbed! 



Home with Furever Family

This puppy's new name is Bailey, she now lives in Bowling Green, KY. Bailey loves to travel, preferably by boat or on her recently retired parents' Jeep!

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Home with Furever Family

Pixie's new name is Corbin and lives in Benton, KY. His favorite activity is to be blow dried after baths and snuggle! He is also loving on his mom while she works through college. They also adopted Knight from our mini litter. Follow him on Instagram! @Corbin__thedoodle

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Home with Furever Family

Snickers now lives in Southern Kentucky, and is named Rossi. He is training to help his big sister who has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. He helps her complete tasks that would have been difficult for her to do by herself!


Sweet Tart 

Home with Furever Family

This pup's new name is Winnebago, after the RV brand, but her family calls her Winnie for short. She lives in Michigan.

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Home with Furever Family

Twix is now named Maverick and lives in Henderson. He is completing his training to be a service dog for a veteran! Watching this tale and relationship bloom inspired Greg to learn more about training our pups.

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Almond Joy

Home with Furever Family

Almond Joy's name is now Oliver and he lives in Ohio and loves all the grandkids.

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Home with Furever Family

Butterfinger's new name is Benton, Ben for short. He lives in Texas with three little girls, one of them being a newborn!

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