Meet  the Parents

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Abby + Sampson

Standard F1B Bernedoodles

These sweet pups are F1B Standard Bernedoodles and their parents are all completely health tested. This is a repeat litter and we're so excited to watch them grow! Each of the puppies below have been reserved.


Self Control

Home with Furever Family

Prince Walter is such a fitting name for him. He will be trained to be a service dog for their youngest son. They have felt connection to this baby from the beginning so when selection day came and temperament was also a fit for their specific needs they knew "brown" was their boy. Another neat piece is that his job will be to help his boy with self-control and this was also his litter name. WARMS our heart!



Home with Furever Family

Meet Kingston Heave Chilton. His twelve year old Momma's middle name is Naveah. How cute is that? This super sweet military family has been waiting for the right time to add their standard bernedoodle. They are now stationed close to another officer family with two sweet Bluegrass Bernedoodles.



Home with Furever Family

Faith is headed to Indianapolis where her new parents are empty nesters. They have had many changes in the last couple years and are ready for her love in their home each day. 



Home with Furever Family

Goodness is headed to Nashville. LeAnne met his sweet Momma on a flight where she was hand delivering a pup last year. He is going to be a big boy and will welcome guests at Shakti Power Yoga! We will definitely visit just to see him!



Home with Furever Family

Joy is heading to California with our favorite nanny. Her family has been researching and preparing for her arrival for quite some time. It's amazing how you can quickly fall in love with so many families from all over the country.

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Home with Furever Family

Patience is heading to Nashville with her sweet family. I have loved seeing their excitement each step of the way. We love that they are fairly close to us!



Home with Furever Family

We have fallen in love with Kindness' entire family as their granddaughter's service dog is Rori (Barbie from Toy Story litter). They watched first hand the difference that Rori was making and they knew they wanted one of her siblings to be with them as well!



Home with Furever Family

Dilly Blue will be found loving on her family in Louisville where she will be homeschooled with her three sisters by her Mom while her Dad is at the hospital working as a neurosurgeon. They have a sweet tale of how she got her name. She's already going to get to be a big sister. They are already on the list for her little fur sister/brother.

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Home with Furever Family

Peace has been renamed Joy. She is headed to Washington with her sweet family. She will be their first dog they have had of their own. Her brothers have been pet sitting for practice. Her new Momma has really plugged into Baxter and Bella, an online training program we introduced them to! I am thankful we can offer our families a discount on this incredible program. 

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