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We want to make sure you're prepared, that's why we created this

5 Step Preparation Checklist

When your puppy arrives in your home they are similar to a toddler. Think 1-3 year olds. Short attention spans, lots of energy and crazy curiosity about anything and everything. They do sleep a lot (naps are normal), but when they are awake and out running around with you, it is all hands on deck. It is our job to teach our puppy the rules of our home and how to best interact with us.

So where do we start? Well, that's what this whole checklist is for. Let's dive in!

#1 Educate Yourself and Set Expectations

Research how you'll train your puppy or be ready to pay someone to! We highly recommend the online puppy school, Baxter & Bella. You will have lifetime direct access to the trainers, the classes and all the info for LIFE for all your dogs. They are professional service dog trainers and have wonderful big hearts. 

In short, their system is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you on how to train and teaching you how to successfully integrate a canine companion into your life, family and home! What's more, they are offering our families an instant 25% savings on their lifetime membership, which includes more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts and checklists, unlimited one-on-one professional help, online classes and courses, training games and activities, in addition to so much more. All for less money than what most people will pay participate in typical puppy courses - IT'S A GAME CHANGER!

Use Discount Code: INSPIRE for 25% OFF

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#2 Prep the Family/Family Meeting

-Select an Alpha/Pack leader in your family

-Everyone is responsible (pack mentality)

-Set rules, common language, expectations

-Family Chore Chart

-Complete Baxter & Bella Puppy Prep

#3 Prep the House

(Inside and Out)

Puppy proofing - get down on your puppies level and look for low dangers, chemicals, chords, mouse traps, toys, valuables, etc.

Stairs, beds, couches - puppy joints are still developing so climbing and jumping can cause stress on their joints, so they don't need to jump off any high areas.

Plants - Make sure to remove plants or move them to a higher location, as some may be poisonous to your puppy.

Designated water and food location - designate where the puppy will sleep or rest in their crate.

Walk around and look for trouble (hole under a fence, plants, anything puppy level that you wouldn't want them chewing on or eating.) 

Designated potty area

Explore your neighborhood for socialization opportunities
Complete puppy prep through
Baxter & Bella

#4 Puppy Shopping List

We have a list on our website with links to all our recommended puppy products to help make the shopping easier for you! Click here or the button below to access the puppy shopping list. Keep in mind that bernedoodles need food with absolutely no poultry in it. We love pawTree food because they have options without poultry and they also don't add fillers like a lot of other pet food companies. 

Getting Started Quick List

  • Food Bowls

  • Crate/Bed

  • Leash & Collar with name tag and your contact information

  • Puppy Care - brush, nail clippers, shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaner, tooth brush.

  • Toys - several to play with, chew toys for their teeth

  • Exercise fencing, area - first aid, styptic powder, pumpkin, flea and tick treatments, heart guard.

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#5 Questions for Breeder at Pickup

Write down any questions you have on your phone, when you pick up your puppy you're likely to get distracted and forget to ask questions so make sure to have them readily accessible.

One question we get a lot is, "How do we best prepare for and successfully train our new puppy?" This isn't a big surprise as everyone wants a calm, well-mannered, and better-behaved family pet. More often than not, they simply don't know how to achieve this despite the reality that all new puppy parents become full time dog trainers the day they bring home their new canine companion.

That's why we've partnered with Baxter and Bella the Online Puppy School. With more than 65 step-by-step lessons, over 100 how-to video demonstrations, printable charts, and checklists and the training tips, tricks, tools, and techniques that lead to successful puppy parenting. Save 25% when you use discount code INSPIRE at checkout. Here's a sneak peek of their Puppy Prep Checklist Chart!

Online Puppy Training

You can easily see why we recommend Baxter & Bella so highly! This Online Puppy School was designed and developed for new animal owners just like you. Guiding puppy parents through the entire process from before your dog arrives, helping you to establish a solid training foundation, detailing how to properly set up your house for success. This teaches you exactly what to do and how to do it for optimal outcomes and then providing you and your puppy with a LIFETIME of unlimited ongoing support. As you work toward achieving better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship!

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