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future litters

Upcoming Litters

Want to learn more about our litters? You are more than welcome to give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

standard bernedoodle

How Our Process Works:

Did you know dogs are only pregnant for 2 months? Puppies arrive 58-63 days after Mama has her honeymoon day! You'll be able to select your puppy once they turn 7 weeks old and temperament evaluations are complete. This allows you to pick your puppy based on their personality, not just looks! Remember, selection does happen in the order we receive applications and reservations fees. Pairing our families with a puppy that is truly a good fit, is always our top priority! Once puppies turn 8 weeks old, they're ready to head home with you!

What Happens Before Going Home?

What happens between birth and go home is truly what sets our puppies apart. We do daily handling exercises with them, noise exposure, and daily curriculum as they grow. We use an Empowered Breeder program that through us - guides each puppy to become healthy, happy, loving, and confident. Our dogs have gone on to become family members, therapy dogs, and service dogs. We can't wait to help you welcome your new furbaby to the family too!

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