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Cavapoo Puppies for Sale

Want to learn more about our litters? Give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions.

cavapoo puppy
cavapoo near me

Cavapoo Puppy

Brook (Female)

  • Ready to Go Home Today :)

Molly & Alby's Litter

cavapoo near me

Cavapoo Puppy

Meadow (Female)

  • Ready to Go Home Today :)

Molly & Alby's Litter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cavapoo

A Cavapoo is a King Charles Cavalier and a Poodle mix.

How big do Cavapoos get

The King Charles Cavelier usually doesn't get any bigger than 20lbs. but the cavapoo weight really depends on the size of the poodle that they pair with.

Do Cavapoos have any health issues

As with any breed, there is the potential for health issues, but thankfully we health test all our parents before breeding. We also include a 2 year health guarantee on both our Berneddodles and Cavapoos.

Which is better, F1 or F1b cavapoo

Neither is better, but one may be a better fit for you and your family depending on what you're looking for. An F1 cavapoo is a first generation cavapoo, so a king charles cavalier and a poodle, a 50/50 mix. An f1b is a cavapoo and a poodle, meaning they'll be a 75/25 mix. If you'd prefer more poodle, than f1b could be better, but it really boils down to their individual temperaments. Anytime you're contemplating bringing home a puppy, always ask about their temperament first. Understanding more about their individual temperament will help you much more than whether or not their an F1 or F1b.

Does a cavapoo make a good pet

We fell in love with the cavapoo breed for their temperament. They are loyal, smart, and very affectionate similiar to the bernedoodle – but they can be much smaller. A cavapoo makes an incredible family dog, especially if you like a dog that wants to sit on your lap and be close to you much of the time.

Our Process

How much is a cavapoo

Click here to learn all about our process and pricing.

If I've made a deposit for a bernedoodle, can that be switched and applied to a Cavapoo Litter

Absolutely! Please make sure to let us know on your application. *Remember* When you submit your reservation fee it doesn't tie you to a specific litter, it simply means that you're officially on our list*

Do you have more Cavapoo litters planned this year

Yes we do! We have been doing extensive research as well as health testing our future Mamas and Future Dad's too. More details to come soon!

Will you still be breeding bernedoodles

Yes, that will still be our primary focus.

Cavapoo FAQ's
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