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Toy Story Litter (Standard)

These sweet F1B Standard Bernedoodles are tricolor, sable, and parti. Parents are all completely health tested. Each puppy comes with parentage certificates by Paw Prints. They have all went home to their forever families and their stories keep us inspired!


Bonnie's name is now Ally and she lives in Chattanooga, TN.


Andy's name is now Tripp and he lives in

Benton, KY with Paxton from our July Mini Bernedoodle litter. 


Sarge's name is now Winston Teddy and he lives in Michigan. You can follow him on Instagram @winstonsdoodleadventures

Barbie Barbie's name is now Aurora, they call her Rory and she lives in Alabama with her sweet teenage gal. She is currently in training to become a service dog. It was such a blessing to fly and hand deliver her!


Ken's name is now Boo and flew with our flight nanny to his new home in Washington state. 


Slinky stayed for puppy kindergarten. Greg

has really enjoyed training him. He will be joining his family soon in Georgia. 


Woody kept his name and is now living in North Carolina. It's neat to see his special bond with his boy already. He will be an emotional support dog. 


Molly kept her name and is living in Tampa, FL. It was sweet to see her immediate bond with her Goldendoodle sister. Maybe she thought it was her twin Bonnie, HA!

Mrs.P Mrs. P is now Skittles and lives in Bowling Green, KY. She lives with her incredible guardian Mom Hannah. She also has a very popular instagram, you can follow her @sweetlikeskittles21 Pending health certifications she will be a future Mom. 


Jesse is now Jessie Grace and lives in Northern, KY. When we met her Mom at pickup, I knew we would be fast friends if we lived in the same town. I was so happy for her. You can follow her on Instagram @jessiegracebernedoodle 

Bo Peep

Bo Peep kept her name and lives with Herro from our July Mini Bernedoodle Litter. So fun seeing them both grow up together! You can follow her on Instagram @paymentbernedoodles


Buzz kept his name and is now living in

Paducah, KY. He has three little sisters under the age of 5 his Pediatrician Mom hopes to have him join her in the hospital from time to time when he's older. 


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