We raise healthy, happy, sweet temperament dogs to be

Loved family members, therapy dogs, and/or service dogs.

We believe the "tale" of a dog and their family should be a happily ever after forever story.

 Our Process 

Step 1:

Learn about our process, pricing, and how to get on our list by clicking here.

Step 2:

Send in your bluegrass application and reservation fee by clicking here. Current waitlist is Spring & Summer 2022.

Step 3:

Get placed on a litter, puppy selection, then you'll bring home your bernedoodle!

For all the puppy snuggles, behind the scenes videos, and updates be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as our youtube channel.

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 Our Story 


Reserve for Future Litters

We are taking reservations now for our 2022 Standard, Mini, and Micro Mini litters. Puppy selection happens once the puppies turn 7 weeks old. This allows us to ensure temperament evaluations are completed first. Selection happens in the order application and reservation fees are received. Click the learn more button below to reserve your spot or learn more about getting on our list!

Due to COVID and travel/vet opening restrictions, we have had to be flexible. Our  passion is matching you and your future puppy to begin your own puppy tale.

Past Litters

Inspiring Women

This litter was born on Dec. 16th, 2020. They are F2b mini size Bernedoodles. Mama Stella is a super sweet girl who loves to be close to her family. These babies all have families and we look forward to their go home day! Click the button below to view each dog in this litter! 


Soccer Stars

This litter was born on April 8th, 2020. They are F1 standard size Bernedoodles. Their Dad, Titus' favorite pass time is playing soccer and snuggling with his Mama Cali. Their Mama, Waverly and her family spend a lot of time at the Soccer field. Their Dad is an inspiring girls soccer coach for Hopkinsville High so it just made sense to name these pups after soccer players! Click the button below to view each dog in this litter! 

Fruit of the Spirit

This litter was born on March 8th, 2020. They are F1B Standard Size Bernedoodles. We are implementing daily devotional time with the family concentrating on one each week about the Fruits of the Spirit. We really want to reflect on what these look like in our lives. Click the button below to view each dog in this litter! 

Mirco Mini

This litter was born in the wee hours of Christmas morning December 25th, 2019 and are F1B Standard Bernedoodles. Our kiddos decided that since there were 5 pups in this litter that each should be named after them! Click the button below to view each dog in this litter and how each correlated with each of our sweet kiddos.

What is puppy culture?

“Puppy culture is a way to shape your puppies future. Ensuring the best outcome for your puppy and having a dramatic effect on your puppies personality.”

Puppy Tales

"So much love!"

"LeAnne, I was thinking of you this morning... About this incredible gift you have given us... Rue rates right up there with my girls. She is amazing and such a part of the family.”



"Ben is gentle and calm and has the sweetest, soulful eyes… everyone who meets him is amazed that he’s only 12 weeks old. His temperament could not be more perfect for our family, he’s so smart!"


"So gentle!"

"Thank you for this opportunity for Gavin to bond with your little puppy. Usually he is very afraid to touch dogs, but this one was so gentle!"