• Leanne Lynch

How We Set Your Puppy up for Success Before They Come Home

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Our goal is to raise healthy, happy, quality, attentive, intelligent, and sweet temperament dogs. Through incorporating ENS and Puppy Culture we are able to do just that with your bernedoodle. 

Here are 5 ways we set your puppy up for success before they come home.

#1 The first couple weeks starts with ENS which stands for Early Neurological Stimulation, It is done individually with each puppy from the day after they are born until they are 14 days old. It helps to stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup’s immune system, cardiovascular system and stress tolerance

#2 With your puppy coming home from us using Puppy Culture a foundation has already been laid out for you and your puppy. The only thing you have to do is continue to follow through what’s been taught. We make this process very simple!

You’ll even receive a special puppy bag including:

-Branded Leash

-Snuggle Puppy (for crates that has a heartbeat and warmers that helps the transition become 10x smoother for your puppy)

-Chew toys


-Pet waste bags

-TLC Pet Food Puppy Pack (click here to see what's inside)

-NuVet Sample Supplements (click here to learn more)

-Bully Sticks

-30 Days of pet insurance

-Shot and vet records

-Microchip number and cards

#3 Third, much of what people consider problematic in their adult dogs develops due to fears, sometimes aggression, or even lack of focus. These often come down to a failure or omission within the first 12 weeks of a puppies life. This is why we are very strategic and very subjective in our daily actions with the pups with what we include and what we don’t include at certain weeks as the grow.

#4 We work on the Trinity of Communication with your puppy starting with games and specific rewards early on. Since we don’t speak BARK and they don’t speak TALK it’s important! One example is teaching them to mand. Manding is when a puppy sits and looks up at you to gain your attention verses jumping up on you. 

#5 Bringing a puppy home is like a newborn so why not have them sleeping through the night dry in with their crate training and well on their way with potty training. Dogs are den animals and find comfort and safety there. We work from early on to make it an enjoyable place they love. We work on potty training so that it is well under way when your baby comes home. It’s a process we start at about two weeks old starting in the whelping box and then we move to artificial turf in the weaning pen and then outside in their play area. Also, we don’t like to use potty pads as they grow because they are soft like carpet and can be confusing for the pups.

The other question is, "How do you best prepare for and successfully train your new puppy?"

Everyone wants a calm, well-mannered and better-behaved family pet, but more often than not, they simply don't know how to achieve this despite the reality that all new puppy parents become full-time dog trainers the day they bring home their new canine companion.

In a sincere effort to provide our dog families with the proven training methods, materials and other resources beneficial in becoming suitably educated, sufficiently prepared and successfully experienced in positive pet parenting, we have partnered with BAXTER and Bella, an online puppy school.

With 65 step-by-step lessons, over 100 how-to video demonstrations, printable charts & checklists and the training tips, tricks, tools, and techniques that lead to a successful puppy parenting you will be ready when your puppy comes home! In short, BAXTER and Bella is all about helping you and your puppy work toward becoming the best friends through love and learning! Click here to learn more about BAXTER and Bella!

Blessings and Cuddles,

Greg, LeAnne and kiddos